Monday, April 7, 2014

Windows XP Stop Services From Today?

After a long journey of 13 years from today is officially off the Windows XP , Microsoft Services for. This is one of the most popular operating system in the world today, from the makers of the new Microsoft will not provide any updates.  

The service from Microsoft for Windows XP to get another year is going to spend a few million uro Microsoft. Approximately 40 of the country's government offices Windows XP computer has been used yet. In January of next year in order to receive services from Microsoft is spending this money. But just how much will cost the government millions uro the Netherlands, the exact amount is not known.  

Government agencies and offices has taken this initiative to ensure the safety of the Dutch government computers . However, the UK government 's £ 5.6 million for the protection of their government offices Windows XP from Microsoft .  

Windows XP was released in October of 2001 and gain popularity worldwide. Then, Windows Vista and Windows 7 October of 2012 of the latest Windows market . In the first reported in 2013 of 2014 in Windows XP , for all types of services will be closed .  

From the Windows XP as per today 's update is not available for any security , can not be found any other update . Microsoft Windows Business Group, said General Manager Jason Lim , largely unprotected computers will be used to XP . Microsoft has a lot more to be a security risk to the computer .  

Note that most of the banks and their ATM booth of the world is largely used in Windows XP . XP does not take place when the new operating system will be a major risk for byankagulora . However, the banks are using XP embedded , they will be in service until 2016 from Microsoft .

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