Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mobile will charge 15 minute graphene battery

15 minutes will be charged and mobile will work for a week without charge or paper-like thin touch screen mobile phone. The dream is come in true.

The most difficult thing in the world, the most flexible. The rest of the times, the most solid and thin. What item? Judging from the plastic to the properties respond to everyone, it unanimously. But the answer is not correct. The object is grapheneThe researchers of Northwestern University by mixing graphene and silicon. 

 The battery is going a week live only charge it for 15 minutes for mobile. What this graphene? It is a component of carbon. There is a single atom of the element of surprise in this object. Transparent conductive and flexible some of the substances are in the world out of all the features found in the rare graphene.

Although the substance discovered a decade ago, two physicists at the University of Manchester in 2010 took the graphene frontal was awarded the Nobel Prize. The success of this production graphene now commercially views. According to the American Chemical Society, from steel and 200 times more powerful and so flexible that with just one ounce graphene can covered 28 football field.

Already, Samsung, Nokia, IBM, Sun discs - like the bodies of sensors, such as the material for making transistors and memory storage has begun experimenting. So it could be called agamidine quantum computer, clothing and electronics industry revolutionizing electronic access to the graphene.

Source: Graphene

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