Monday, April 14, 2014

Windows XP support has ended unfortunately it is true?

8 April, was the last of Microsoft's operating systems Windows XP update service. These steps in Microsoft fell many of windows XP computer users at risk of danger. A decade ago, about 30 percent of the world's computer XP operating system is still being used.

For end users, the risk remained XP update service? U.S. computer security firm niopasisera consultant Patrick Thomas said, "it would be attractive to cyber criminals XP security zone. '

From 2001 Microsoft Windows operating system has opened just a few. But XP has lasted for more than a decade of popularity and stability. Analysts said any computer over the last five years, will take over, but it certainly has XP. 

Technology analysts said, we have no problem going to continue XP operating system. However, Microsoft has claimed, from the XP users any security updates, bug fixes or technical content issues can not expect any updates. Using the new version of the Windows operating systems, Microsoft has decided to leave Windows XP. 

Microsoft, however, has frustrated XP users, their longtime friend. Microsoft officials said, 14 July 2015 for Windows XP Anti - Malware update will be a start. This update to Microsoft's operating system, but this is a long old anti - malware updates expressed doubts about how it will effect the Microsoft.

Industry experts said the move to Windows XP service industries were also leaving a huge risk . Starting from personal Computers to large industries , power plants , small business ventures, and even doctors are using XP . Reliable XP as the operating system Windows Vista , there are some seven or eighths instead of upgrade . 

Computer security products manufacturers Malwarebyte chief executive marcina klejaniski said, without the bug fix patches from Microsoft for XP will run the risk of losing PC's and would frequently crash. In addition to the security updates in XP attacks will become easier for hackers. 

U.S. computer security analysts, however, said that the attack did not occur at a rate of malware attacks can be predicted. The attack began just after 8 April, it is not right to think, may be increased gradually to attack Windows XP.

How do I stay protected? 

The new version of Windows XP to get protection from the risk of malware coming to Microsoft's use of consultants. Keeping the safety and avoid cyber attacks recommended XP updates, the company said.

Technology security experts say , will be exposed to some aspects of the security and Microsoft will not provide any update , so please update to the new version of Windows XP will no longer be safe . In addition, more advanced versions of Windows , security , etc. Users can also safely be quite active. Those who want to update to a new version of XP , they have a special tutorial can check Microsoft's website . You may like to know about it in more details in

Windows can not update them or can not buy a new PC for them, experts advise using third-party or third- party security software may continue to use XP . However, the security software for Windows XP or too low for the required materials to site , program , or service can be found . Those of PC hardware, Windows Update will not support the view that the use of open-source Linux operating system, the researchers suggested . 

What do I get with Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 makes it easy to do all the things you're used to doing with Windows XP while opening up a whole new world of possibilities for you to explore and enjoy.  Find more details at 

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